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SNO Eternelle

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Cold saponified soap. My SNÖ Bioflowers cleansing treatment is a true luxury from ancestral artisanal methods. It is a cold saponified soap, which is 100% plant-based. All the ingredients come from Organic Farming *. In making the soap, it is first dried for a period of 8 weeks through a rare and artisanal production process.

This 100% natural facial cleanser is also a natural moisturizing treatment. This soap is 8% superfat and draws its benefits from the exceptional ingredients: Macadamia *, Olive * vegetable oil, Mauve des Bauges extract, Pink clay, Shea butter * and Coconut oil *. Coconut oil is used to obtain the soap foam. All the ingredients are rich in Omega 9 and palmitoleic acid. These active ingredients are very nourishing, soothing, protective and softening. This soap helps to promote a clear and supple skin by restoring softness and elasticity to the skin.

Without synthetic perfume or coloring, it is particularly suitable for fragile and delicate skin. 

An economical return to the source – the soap is equivalent to 500 ml of liquid soap and 100% biodegradable.

Handcrafted “SAF” (saponifié à froid – cold saponification) by our master soap maker L’Essentiel – Cléry, holder of the Nature & Progrès label. 


The cold saponified soap is extra gentle and suitable for all skin types as well as the whole family. It is also good for washing the body without drying it out. It can be used for both sensitive and delicate skin. Additionally, the soap can be used for babies and children. 

– for pregnant women, infants, people with allergies

Because the soap is rinsed off directly and it only contains very low concentrations of Lavender essential oil, the soap can be used during pregnancy and for children.

– for dry skin prone to atopy: supplement it with Mon Baume Miraculeux 

– for oily skin with imperfections, acne, excess sebum: it will leave your skin clean.



Vegetable olive oil * Sodium Olivate *, Vegetable coconut oil * Sodium Cocoate *, Shea butter * Sodium Shea butterate *, natural glycerin from cold saponification, Glycerin, aqua, wild lavender oil *, Lavandula angustifolia oil *, Illite, Pink clay, Kaolin, Macadamia oil *, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed oil *, Mallow flower extract *, Malva Sylvestris flower extract, Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol natural content in oils.

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