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I Have Fallen for You Handmade Seeded Greeting Card

I Have Fallen for You Handmade Seeded Greeting Card

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Handmade TREE-FREE PAPER CARDS THAT SAVE TREES: We love receiving or gifting greeting cards, but we also want to protect our planet and save our precious trees, so that is why we have created a selection of TREE-FREE CARDS, that are not made with virgin trees! 

Made with seeded paper that will allow the receiver to plant it and turn their greeting card into flowers and plants! 

Made in the UK. Eco Friendly Handmade Love Cards Paper types available: Seeded Paper / Elephant Poo Paper / Cotton Paper in 3 colours / Lemongrass Paper / Coffee Husk Paper / Coconut Husk Paper / Tea Paper / Banana Paper / FSC-Approved Recycled Paper Design: Fallen for you Available in: single card, pack of 5 cards, pack of 8 cards 100% recycled paper Instructions are illustrated on the reverse of every card Each card comes with a brown envelope Packs are wrapped in a compostable and biodegradable sleeve made of vegetable starch, fully biodegradable in home compost. Handmade and designed in Yorkshire, UK 100% plastic free Card size: 15cm x 10.5cm (folded A5)

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