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Bio Cellulose Second Skin, Copper Peptide Mask (x3)

Bio Cellulose Second Skin, Copper Peptide Mask (x3)

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Hydrate, repair and rejuvenate your skin with Bio-Cellulose Second Skin, Copper Peptide Mask. Using a range of premium quality skin healing ingredients, this all-natural and organic face mask will:

“Leave Your Skin Glowing, with Help from Nature”

• Hydrate 5x better than traditional masks.
• Repair and rejuvenate your skin
• Reduce signs of fatigue and inflammation in the skin.
• Adheres to the skin, causing ingredients to have deep penetration.
• Smooth wrinkles.

Perfect For:

• Tackling aging skin and wrinkles.
• Dry and dull skin.
• Damaged or burnt skin.
• Healing scars.
• Sensitive skin users.

What Is Bio-Cellulose Masks? 

Our bio-cellulose masks are fully organic, super-thin (20 nanometers), hydrating masks that are both friendly to your skin and the environment. Originally developed to help our partnering hospitals to treat their patients with severe burns, they contain natural fibers that are fantastic at helping the skin to hydrate and repair naturally.

With its Hydrophilic (ability to retain water) properties, it provides 5 times better moisturization than traditional masks (fiber, wood pulp, collagen). They’re also 1000 times thinner than a human hair!

Enriched with various organic ingredients, including copper peptide and vitamin B5, our bio-cellulose face masks will leave your skin glowing!

How to Use?

• Peel off one of the external layers of the mask
• Apply the discovered area on your face evenly
• Remove the other external layer
• Let it rest for 10 minutes
• Wash off your face with clear water

Copper Tripeptide-1

  • Powerful antioxidants and anti-aging properties
  • Tighten loose skin and reverse thinning of aged skin
  • Repair protective skin barrier
  • Reduce photodamage, skin spots, and lesions
  • Protect skin cells from UV radiation⁠

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5

  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Protect and boost collagen
  • Improve skin texture

Vitamin B5

  • Diminishes inflammation and heals skin wounds
  • Anti-aging effects⁠
  • Keeps your skin moisturized⁠
  • Prevents skin redness and inflammation⁠


Water (Aqua)solv, Glycerinsiih00, Panthenolsoh00, Prolinesii, Sodium Hyaluronatesiih00, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5cci, Copper Tripeptide-1ccisoaox, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis)soh, Carbomervc01, Sodium Carboxymethyl Beta-Glucansurfvc, Glycinesii, Sorbitolh00, Phenoxyethanolpres

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